Add Constant Contact "Join My List" to your Facebook Fan Page

The Constant Contact Labs team has built a “Join My List” application for Facebook to help you sign up your Facebook fan page visitors to your Constant Contact mailing lists.

To quote Constant Contact
This application helps Facebook users interested in your business or organization to join your Constant Contact contact lists. Use of this application requires a Constant Contact account.

  • Features:

    Helps Facebook users quickly and easily add
    themselves to your Constant Contact mailing lists

  • Lets you select which of your Constant Contact
    contact lists users can add themselves to.
  • Pre-populates users’ contact information
    with data with his or her Facebook account
  • Automatically sends users’ contact information
    and list subscription to your Constant Contact account

End quote

Here is a link to Constant Contact’s Developer Blog with step by step instructions how to add the App to your own Fan Page.

constant contact screen grab

I just added to my Facebook Fan page!

facebook screen grab