Reach customers where they are every day: their inbox.

We hear it all the time: “Follow us on Twitter.” “Like us on Facebook.” “Connect with us on LinkedIn.” But in the shuffle of social media, one very important marketing tool should never be forgotten: email.

Email may not be the newest tool, but it is the one with the broadest reach. And with Email Marketing from Constant Contact you’ll reach current and potential customers where they are everyday-their inbox.

Email Marketing helps you connect with customers. And stronger connections turn customers into fans. When you engage your fans through valuable, relevant messages, you build repeat business and referrals-boosting your bottom line.

Don’t have a long email list? No problem. Constant Contact has the tools to get people to sign up through social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

And as a Constant Contact Solution Provider, I’ve got the expertise, training and tools to help you grow your list and your business.

So check out 5 Ways Email Marketing Will Grow Your Business to learn how you can succeed with Email Marketing, then give me a call to see how I can help you convert prospects into customers.

Ready to rev up your business with email? Start a free trial of Email Marketing today!

Perini Navi USA Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns for Charter and Brokerage Perini Navi Yachts.


2015 Constant Contact All Star Award

constant contact all star award 2015Toni Mills Graphic Design has received the Solution Provider All Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc. each year since 2010

This annual designation is something that only 10% of Constant Contact customers receive for their excellence in building better customer relationships.

Constant Contact Solution Providers are businesses that provide services tailored to the needs of small businesses or nonprofits—everything from web developers, to online marketing consultants, to advertising agencies and more. They use Constant Contact’s online marketing tools to generate more business for both themselves and their clients. Criteria used to select this year’s All Stars included the following:

• Level of engagement with email campaigns and events
• Open, bounce, and click-through rates
• Event registration rates
• Use of social sharing features
• Use of mailing list sign-up tools
• Use of reporting tools

Sanderson Yachting Email Campaigns

Custom email campaigns for Sanderson Yachting.
Includes adding to website as current Feature page and to Blog as a source of Email Archive.

Sanderson Yachting Email Campaigns

Google Analytics tracking for Email Campaigns & Event Marketing

Google Analytics anonymously tracks how visitors interact with a website, including where they came from, what they did on the site, and whether they completed any of the site’s conversion goals as set in Google Analytics. All of this information is presented in an easy-to-read, intuitive dashboard with visual reports.

Note: Google Analytics will only work on pages that are tracked.

You can use Google Analytics with:

Email Marketing

When using Google Analytics with your emails, you can:

  • View and download statistic website traffic generated from your emails.
  • See visits, conversions, and sales generated by your campaign.
  • See where your visits are coming from, such as:
    • Emails
    • Social Sharing
    • Archives
  • Track users’ activity once they view your website.

Event Marketing

When using Google Analytics with your Google Analytics with your events, you can:

  • See where the traffic to your event homepage is coming from, so you know where to spend your marketing time and effort.
  • Learn if and where prospects are falling out of your registration process.
  • Collect geographical data on where your registrants are coming from.

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