Grow your Email List with Constant Contact's Mobile Text-to-Join

via Constant Contact

A fast, easy, and free way
to grow your contact list.

What’s Text-to-Join?

Text-to-Join is a free app that’s included with all of Constant Contact’s products – Email Marketing, Event Marketing, and Online Survey. Sign up, and they’ll give you a keyword that allows your contacts to easily send you their email addresses via text. After that, you’re set – you can promote through print ads, signs at your business, or even just tell the crowd at your next event.

There’s plenty to like about Text-to-Join.

  • Grow your business.
    Text-to-Join makes it easier for customers to sign up for your contact list – a bigger list means more potential customers.
  • Set it and forget it.
    Once you set up Text-to-Join, you’re done. Your contact’s info will be added automatically when they text your keyword.
  • Sign-ups on the spot.
    No need to wait – if your contacts have a mobile phone, sign-up is set in a few simple steps.
  • All it takes is a mobile phone.
    No computer or stacks of paper needed to add to your list.

This feature is only available to Constant Contact’s paying customers.
Check it out here: go to the Contacts tab, and click Join My Mailing List.

Not a paying customer? Sign up today.