Grow your Email List with Constant Contact's Mobile Text-to-Join

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A fast, easy, and free way
to grow your contact list.

What’s Text-to-Join?

Text-to-Join is a free app that’s included with all of Constant Contact’s products – Email Marketing, Event Marketing, and Online Survey. Sign up, and they’ll give you a keyword that allows your contacts to easily send you their email addresses via text. After that, you’re set – you can promote through print ads, signs at your business, or even just tell the crowd at your next event.

There’s plenty to like about Text-to-Join.

  • Grow your business.
    Text-to-Join makes it easier for customers to sign up for your contact list – a bigger list means more potential customers.
  • Set it and forget it.
    Once you set up Text-to-Join, you’re done. Your contact’s info will be added automatically when they text your keyword.
  • Sign-ups on the spot.
    No need to wait – if your contacts have a mobile phone, sign-up is set in a few simple steps.
  • All it takes is a mobile phone.
    No computer or stacks of paper needed to add to your list.

This feature is only available to Constant Contact’s paying customers.
Check it out here: go to the Contacts tab, and click Join My Mailing List.

Not a paying customer? Sign up today.

Add Video Links to your Custom Constant Contact Template

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Adding Video Links (and Pizzazz) to Your Email

Videos in your emails are a great way to inform your readers without having to rely on text alone. You can use videos to show off a new product, give a demonstration of a service, or to make a better personal connection with your customers and members.

Constant Contact makes it easy for you to add a video thumbnail and link to an email. Your readers can click on the video image and be connected to the website hosting your video (YouTube, Vimeo, or Blip.TV).

Q: Love the new Video Insert feature, but does it work for custom templates?

A: When you are working in a custom HTML or XHTML template the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can accomplish with your code. However, if you’re like me, sometimes you don’t care so much about reaching the sky as you do about adding something that will save you time and spruce things up in a hurry.

So, while the Video Insert button doesn’t work directly with your custom template, we certainly have a way that you can still take advantage of the feature with just a few steps:

Get the URL for the Video Insert Thumbnail You Want:

  1. Create a new email by going to Email Marketing > My Emails > Create.
  2. Choose any of Constant Contact’s templates, name it something simple, and proceed to the Email Layout Page. Don’t worry about what you name it or which template you choose! We’re just creating the email so we can access some useful code.
  3. Click to edit a block and then click the Video Link button in your left-hand menu options.
  4. Follow the “Insert Video Link” prompts to access the video you want linked, adjust the thumbnail image, and insert it into your block.
  5. Double-click (or right-click) on the image in your block and select “Change”.
  6. In the pop-up window, you’ll find the field for that image’s URL.
  7. Copy that URL, close the pop-up window, and leave the email.

Put the URL into your Code:

  1. Edit your Custom Template email.
  2. Use the image URL you copied in an image tag and link it to your YouTube, Vimeo or video with an “a href” tag.
    Tip: Remember, if you are using an XHTML template, you need to remember to close the image tag out properly!
  3. Go ahead and click Preview.

You’ll have the thumbnail image, complete with a play button and matching YouTube, Vimeo, or Blip.Tv frame!

Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Top 15 Event Marketing Best Practices

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Follow these best practices to deliver more successful events. Keep in mind that the actions you take after your event play as critical a role in your overall success as the work you do before the event.

1. Select a convenient place and time: Make it easy for people to attend.

2. Have clear goals: For you and for your attendees.

3. Send an early “Save the Date” email.

4. Send a personalized invitation:  Include invitees’ names in the note.

5. In your invitation, include the what, where, when, and why of your event.

6. Use a good subject line to generate excitement.

7. Use social media to promote your event.

8. Keep event homepage information current and accurate.

9. Include a “Join My Mailing List” box on the event homepage.

10. Remind your invitees through your newsletter, emails, and social media.

11. Send timely post-event follow-up messages to attendees and no-shows.

12. Seek feedback by sending a survey.

13. Follow-up with any unsatisfied participants.

14. Share event highlights in your next newsletter and on your website.

15. Update your event homepage – the page stays live for 30 days.

Using Event Marketing from Constant Contact makes it easy, too. Check it out!

If your customers and clients run events, consider adding event management and marketing services to your portfolio.

Download PDF: Top 15 Event Marketing Best Practices.

Online Surveys: Ask. Listen. Respond.

Online Survey by Constant Contact® makes conducting online surveys and polls simple, fast, and highly affordable. No technical or market research skills are needed! You’ll get the insight, new ideas and the knowledge to help meet your customers’ needs. Keep them happy and coming back to do business with you — and grow your organization as a result. You’ll make more informed decisions — with the broader, more insightful view that Online Survey gives you about what your customers and members really think about your products, services, and communications.

With Online Survey by Constant Contact, you can:

  • Create online surveys or polls fast with just a few clicks.
  • Choose from more than 60 professionally written survey templates — from member satisfaction to customer service follow-up, to testing new products, to website feedback, and more.
  • Save time with popular, pre-written surveys so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Invite participants with an email invitation, or post a survey link on your website.
  • Manage your survey contacts with email list management tools.
  • Add online polls to your website to keep your content fresh and exciting — and your visitors involved!

With your online survey results, you can:

  • View summary results, or drill down to individual survey responses.
  • See revealing trends and patterns with Survey’s filtering option.
  • Respond quickly to key issues or suggestions based on survey responses.
  • Then, follow up with relevant email communications.

Discover how the power of Online Survey by Constant Contact can help you better understand your customers, meet their needs, and keep them coming back — again and again.

Sign up for a FREE 60-Day Trial of Online Survey today.
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Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Email Marketing by Constant Contact makes it easy, effective, and highly affordable to connect with your audience and build strong, successful, lasting relationships with them.

You can create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in minutes, no technical expertise necessary. With more than 400 easily-customized templates, a simple point-and-click tool, and award-winning free customer support, you can create professional, compelling messages your audience will act on. And Constant Contact makes it easy for you to manage your contact lists, sign up website visitors, track your clicks and open rates, and send automated communications to new subscribers.

Custom Email Campaigns with Toni Mills Graphic Design in partnership with Constant Contact

CONSTANT CONTACT Expert: TMGD is a business partner with Constant Contact and has completed their Power of Email Marketing Experts Program.

Constant Contact is a leading Email Marketing provider for small businesses. Additional services offered are Event Marketing and Online Surveys & Polls.

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