Top 15 Event Marketing Best Practices

via Constant Contact

Follow these best practices to deliver more successful events. Keep in mind that the actions you take after your event play as critical a role in your overall success as the work you do before the event.

1. Select a convenient place and time: Make it easy for people to attend.

2. Have clear goals: For you and for your attendees.

3. Send an early “Save the Date” email.

4. Send a personalized invitation:  Include invitees’ names in the note.

5. In your invitation, include the what, where, when, and why of your event.

6. Use a good subject line to generate excitement.

7. Use social media to promote your event.

8. Keep event homepage information current and accurate.

9. Include a “Join My Mailing List” box on the event homepage.

10. Remind your invitees through your newsletter, emails, and social media.

11. Send timely post-event follow-up messages to attendees and no-shows.

12. Seek feedback by sending a survey.

13. Follow-up with any unsatisfied participants.

14. Share event highlights in your next newsletter and on your website.

15. Update your event homepage – the page stays live for 30 days.

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If your customers and clients run events, consider adding event management and marketing services to your portfolio.

Download PDF: Top 15 Event Marketing Best Practices.