BEWARE Bogus Domain Renewal Solicitations!

Over the last few weeks I have received domain renewal solicitations by email and snail mail (USPS). Different sources, same offer. Renew now and take advantage of their best savings. Each offering one year, three year and longer year terms. The longer terms being a better value. Or so they say!

Their renewal rates are twice, three times or even more times the rate I would pay with my current provider. Plus, unless I look very closely, they do not make it immediately clear they are not my current provider.

If you receive a renewal notification by snail mail, you can pretty much guarantee it is NOT from your current provider so throw it in the recycle bin! That done, go online and login to your current provider account, check the price (I am sure it will be significantly less), make sure the domain is locked, auto renew is active and the credit card on file is up to date. If you receive an email solicitation, don’t click on any links in it, instead press delete, login to your current provider account and follow the steps above.

Please Don’t Fall for Their “Game”!
The solicitation I received by email was offering to renew one year for $75. That is outrageous! It drives me crazy each time I receive these notifications because I know they dupe some people into signing up and paying. Hence this post advising you to be on the alert.
Kind regards