Good SEO – Tips from Matt Cutts (Google) and Eric Enge

I came across this Q&A article Matt Cutts and Eric Talk About What Makes a Quality Site with Eric Enge (Stone Temple Consulting) and Matt Cutts (Google). Link to complete article here.

My takeaways on how to make your website’s SEO effective:
“Work to find quality diverse results that help solve problems for users.”

“If it is already a crowded space with entrenched players, consider focusing on a niche area initially, instead of going head to head with the existing leaders of the space.”

“Find something that the entrenched players do not do well, and focus on that. Establish a reputation in that niche, become a leader in it, and then expand from there.”

“By doing things that help build your own reputation, you are focusing on the right types of activity.”

“Find a way to differentiate and stand out, so that people want to try your product or service and see what they think. When they try it, give them something outstanding and earn yourself a customer.”

“The main thing is … avoid looking for shortcuts. In competitive market areas there has always been a need to figure out how to differentiate yourself, and nothing has changed today. Think about how you can create compelling content or a compelling experience for users.”

“If the information stream is coming from a third party service and you aren’t involved in anyway, except for providing a place to publish it, this may be something that you might want to decide not to do. We might not view this as spam, but it’s sort of shallow and we would tend to not want to rank this type of content as highly.”

These are just snippets from the very informative article (07/09/2012).
via Stone Temple Consulting